The circle shape draws a circle on the canvas. To draw the circle provide the center parameter that specifies the center of the circle, and the radius specifying the radius of it.

To understand how to declare and draw a shape please refer, to this document.


To declare and draw a circle named TheBigRedCircle that is centered at point (250, 250) with radius of 100 and thickness of 4 units, filled with Red color we write the following statement.

shape TheBigRedCircle(circle):
  .color = BLACK
  .fill = RED
  .center = (250, 250)
  .radius = 100
  .thickness = 4

Revine Shape Circle


ParameterDescriptionPossible valuesDefaultRequired?
centerposition of the center of the circlepoint-Yes
radiusradius of the circle0 to 500-Yes
thicknessthe thickness of the circle1 to 1002No
colorthe color of the borderbuiltin colorsBLACKNo
fillthe color to fill the circle withbuiltin colorsWHITENo

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